“People change.”

“You changed. A lot. I miss the fun-witty-adorably annoying-endlessly teasing-person I once admire. You become bitter, now. :|”

“I know what you mean. I miss me too. I’m no longer Peter Pan. People change. I have to keep up. You change. You’re superman.”

“Well, I am no superman. I am still who I was, improved. Still the OCD Jonathan, sloppier. I don’t think people change; people grow up. We learned our lessons. It’s either I do not know you, or you tottally changed. Or maybe, you made everything up.”

*I ended reading this conversation in twitter. And all I can feel is sadness. Isn’t the life is about changing? People come, people grow, people go. That’s the bittersweet part from this life. So, are you changed?

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